Other Websites chemistry and more

One of the first Periodic Table sites on the web. There are lots of ways for you to explore the elements and their properties here. Almost too much info.
Dynamic Periodic Table
This Periodic Table site is loaded with lots of great data. Plus it is a great resource to learn your regions of the periodic table. It even shows you orbital shapes.
The Orbitron
Part of the Sheffield Chemistry site from the UK. The orbitron shows nicely rendered orbitals from atomic theory and also shows plots of Ψ and the radial distribution function. A must see for those studying atomic theory.
VSEPR at Sheffield
Another part of the Sheffield Chemistry site from the UK. This site helps you visualize all the VSEPR shapes in 3D. Site uses Jmol/JSmol to allow you to interact with a 3D molecule. Play around with the various examples of all the VSEPR shapes. (wait for the java or javascript to load).

Ohio State - Dr. Spinney
This takes you to the General Chemistry wing of the undergrad site at Ohio State. Dr. Spinney has built a wonderful resource here. You could almost learn all of your chemistry 301 from this site. Explore and learn.
Physics 2000
NOTE: requires Java plug-in for applets
Ok, so 2000 is a bit dated - but the information here is really good. You will have to navigate after you go there. Use the table of contents and browse.
WikiBooks (chemistry)
WikiBooks site for General Chemistry. Site is not complete yet but there are many pages with good solid science there.
David's Whizzy PT
NOTE: requires Java plug-in for applets
Part of Physics 2000 but useful enough to have a quick link. Watch how stepping forward through the elements puts the electrons in deeper and deeper energy wells. Great for conceptualizing energy levels within the atom.

and even More Sites...

NIST - SI Units - Official NIST International System of Units, metric prefixes, and more...

UTeach Outreach Program - Take your science knowledge and help teach elementary school kids.

Sanger Learning Center - located over in Jester A332, a useful on-campus resource that you should utilize for all your classes for help.

Gen-Chem Online

University of Illinois : VSEPR! Really good site with javascript friendly 3D models.


Cool Molecules

The ChemCollective

The ChemWiki Project (UC Davis)

HyperPhysics - nice site on atomic theory

Entropy Sites - by Dr. Frank Lambert (Occidental College) Some VERY GOOD sites and revelations about entropy. Click on the LINKS menu item at the site.

A Student's Approach to the Second Law and Entropy

Electropaedia all sorts of info about energy supply and battery technologies, battery applications, chargers and ancillary equipment. There is even a very nice "History of Technology" section.