Exam Preparation

The following links are to pages that will help you focus on what is expected of you for each exam. Always cross check what is here with your own instructor's directions as well. For the most part, these "prep" pages are for the general set of topics for each exam. Also remember to check the learning outcomes which are listed on the opening pages of each chapter.

Beginning Spring 2017, we no longer have bubblesheets with periodic tables on them. So we now provide a separate sheet for chemistry CH301 and CH302 exams. The sheet has a periodic table, physical constants, conversion factors, and water data. Below is a pdf of this handout.

Periodic Table Handout for Spring 2017

Note: Not all instructors follow this same order. The order and topics of these exams are for the majority of the UT Chemistry Department CH301 classes.

Exam Night Safety Information

UTPD will be conducting increased patrols during all chemistry exam nights. If you see anything suspicious or feel unsafe, do not hesitate to call 911.

If you rely on Capital Metro buses to get to and from campus, please be aware of your route’s night schedule.

UT Shuttle Bus schedules: http://parking.utexas.edu/transportation/shuttle/

City bus schedules: http://www.capmetro.org/schedmap/

If you are on campus after 10pm you can contact SURE Walk (http://www.facebook.com/surewalk/) for two volunteers to walk you home.

Additionally, UTPD will be giving rides home between 8pm-2am. To get a ride home you can call 512-471-4441 and press 9.